The Active8 Difference

From the moment we conceptualize, research and formulate our products to the final review of the last capsule that goes into our bottles, we promise the highest of standards in quality and integrity.

Sourcing from the Routes

To us, it’s not unusual to have a product created with an ingredient from the Amazon tied to an ingredient from New Zealand, because our philosophy is that the route of origin of any ingredient, is the most natural route. During our sourcing phase, these are the first ingredients we consider going directly into our bottles.

The Highest Grade Promise

There are many grades of products that don’t even come with a certificate specifying exactly what type of quality you just purchased. At Active8, each product we have has an original certificate indicating these quality components we receive, prior to actually acquiring the ingredients themselves.


Many look past the fact that most ingredients come from raw vegetables or fruits that are ground into a powder. GMO ingredients can very easily be incorporated in all-natural manufactured products when we do not ask our farmers for a non-GMO source. We promise to source non-GMO ingredients in any and all products we can apply them too.


We have studied the multitude of negative impacts pesticides have on our fruits and vegetables, and not to mention, the capacity of these pesticides to damage our bodies when being entered into our systems. We only produce products that indicate pesticide-free data, prior to releasing them to all the products they apply too.

Formulation Qualification

Many supplement providers add lots of product ingredients together, or inject a proprietary blend, that can leave you unsure whether you have enough of the “good stuff” that really matters. With our formulation qualification process, we test the range of our product ingredients, and whether or not they can create unity together. With Active8, our master batch qualification methods will leave your concerns at ease about our products, because this is equally important to us, as it is to you.

Certificate of Authenticity

With each product provided, expect a Active8 Certificate of Authenticity that identifies exactly what you are consuming in the bottle. Our quality control and assurance team is lead by our pharmacology doctor, who ensures that what you see, is what you get, every single time.