About Us

Active8 is founded by a group of providers who genuinely believe that at the core of health and wellness, there must be quality, integrity and a “no judgement” mentality when it comes to selecting the best options for overall wellness and total body care.

Core Principles

Our core principles are based on our capacity to be intrinsically involved in identifying many over-the-counter solutions that satisfy many of the continuously challenging syndromes that impact our daily living lifestyles.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is a big proponent of our foundation. We understand however that there is such a strong necessary push to coach ourselves and breakout of our daily routine that got us into so many health road blocks that we are trying to undo.

Enough About Us, It's About You!

Active8 is a wellness system that engages a provider, a consumer and a culture that allows for someone to truly see the benefits and results they are seeking. Through self guided conscious activities we can only go so far and proudly we do. With the Active8 advantage, let us help you stay on top of all the necessary pieces and enjoy the simple solutions we have put together for you that will truly satisfy many of your health and wellness goals.

Make A Difference!

Let us inspire wellness and be a behind-the-scenes intrinsic factor that will help propel you and many of the people in your community to live a better life. We are here to help and our solutions are here to help make a difference.